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    Air Quality Modeling and Monitoring

    Sullivan Environmental provides atmospheric air quality modeling, air quality monitoring, and expert air quality related litigation support services.  Established in 1988, the firm provides a wide range of air quality consulting services nationwide and internationally.   ISCST3, CALPUFF, AERMOD, FEMS, PERFUM, MOVES, and TOXST modeling serves as their primary area of air quality modeling specialization.  Research or compliance oriented air sampling specialization includes air sampling for particulates, gases, and various organic and inorganic compounds.  Sullivan Environmental specializes in exposure assessment, air permitting, urban air assessment, air quality related risk management planning, and expert air quality and meteorological litigation support.  The firm also specializes in worker exposure monitoring, industrial and commercial air sampling, meteorological research, deposition monitoring, odor sampling, fumigant flux research, and noise monitoring.

    In terms of Air Quality Modeling and Monitoring, specialization includes the development of innovative air modeling methods and software, accident and emergency analysis, and Monte Carlo modeling methods. The firm has extensive experience in urban-scale modeling, and has completed projects in the United States, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.  The Certified Consulting Meteorologists and Certified Environmental Professional employed by Sullivan Environmental have approximately 90 years of combined professional experience.  The firm has managed many of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s largest studies of toxic air pollution in the United States and in Eastern Europe.

    Sullivan Environmental has participated in over 60 agricultural fumigant flux research studies over the past 16 years.  Sullivan Environmental is a GLP compliant research firm.  The firm maintains 46 solar charging battery powered air sampling stations that allow for the capacity to continuously run air sampling pumps for weeks at a time in ideal ambient conditions.  The firm also maintains an extensive inventory of air sampling equipment for use in research environments.  The firm also has research grade meteorological equipment.  This including eddy covariance flux systems and a wide range of sonic anemometer systems and research grade meteorological equipment.

    Typically, an agricultural flux study is designed to assess flux of fumigant(s) as they enter the air for a period of approximately seven to 14 days following fumigation.  For an example study of three different tarps or fumigant application methods, Sullivan Environmental will establish the meteorological equipment pictured above on all three fields and monitor the emissions continuously for the predetermined study length.  As a highly specialized small business, we have the capacity to provide need-specific services.  Air Quality Modeling and Monitoring Services include flux research, lagoon air sampling, landfill air emission assessments, industrial worker exposure assessments, air sampling and air modeling consulting services nationwide.


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