Air Monitoring Consulting Services


Sullivan Environmental specializes in Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliant air monitoring services (air sampling) for our commercial, industrial, and government clients.  Air sampling is performed in accordance with GLP record keeping standards for regulatory or worker exposure related monitoring tasks.  Air sampling (air monitoring) Services include:


  • Nationwide Air Sampling Consulting Services
  • Passive Air Sampling
  • Active Air Sampling
  • Particulate Sampling
  • Gas and Odor Sampling
  • Ambient Air Quality Sampling
  • EPA Method 0040 Sampling
  • Pesticide Air Sampling
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Sampling
  • Industrial Worker Exposure Air Sampling
  • Dispersion Modeling Analysis to Assess Ambient Implications
  • NIOSH and OSHA Air Testing
  • Tedlar Bag Sampling
  • Odor Sampling and Analysis via Odor Panel (Partner Company)


Sullivan Environmental has experience in indoor air sampling, worker exposure assessment, industrial facility air sampling, and screening sampling in hazardous environments.  Sullivan Environmental Consulting can meet your on-site air sampling needs using applicable ASTM, EPA, OSHA, or NIOSH sampling methods.

Sullivan Environmental has managed over 60 large scale flux studies involving up to approximately 1,500 air samples per study.  Sullivan Environmental Consulting, Inc. has well established capability in air sampling. Established in 1988, the firm has the capability to provide active and passive air quality sampling services for ambient airborne or industrial sampling. After laboratory analysis, staff Certified Consulting Meteorologists and Certified Environmental Professionals can provide the modeling expertise to support the interpretation of data sets and to compute airborne flux from complex area sources.

Our firm has conducted flux studies for all widely used U.S. registered agricultural fumigants, including the following application methods: handline chemigation, center pivot chemigation, drip irrigation, shank injection, and drench methods. These studies have included a wide range of sealing methods including bedded tarp, broadcast tarp, water seals, intermittent water seals, etc.

Sullivan Environmental Consulting, Inc. is equipped with 46 waterproof solar powered active air sampling stations capable of running for weeks at a time.  an inventory of 70 air sampling pumps for large scale studies, and has the capacity to conduct extensive field programs. Sullivan Environmental also maintains an inventory of 30 high volume air sampling monitors. Typical valid sample collection data recovery rates are approximately 99.5 percent. We have the capacity to conduct dual tube concurrent flux studies on four separate fields at one time. The air quality sampling equipment is complemented by six meteorological towers, 17 sonic anemometers, soil monitoring, noise monitoring, and odor monitoring capabilities. Sensible heat flux, latent heat flux, and turbulent intensity analyses are measured to support the interpretation of flux studies, including the collection of on-field and off-field comparative data. Indoor and worker exposure studies also are conducted by our staff for commercial and industrial sources. These studies are based on both personal sampling and fixed site sampling.

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