Air Quality Expert Witness Consulting Services

Sullivan Environmental provides Air Quality Expert Witness Consulting Services for air quality and meteorological cases.  Sullivan Environmental has two Certified Consulting Meteorologists each with approximately 40 years of professional experience.  Both are experts in air quality and meteorology.

David Sullivan, CCM has served as an expert on air quality and meteorological related matters for 35 years.  Mr. Sullivan also has extensive experience in the transport and deposition of airborne pollutants in the form of metals, organic chemicals, pesticides, etc. to ground surfaces.  This includes agricultural-related matters involving alleged pesticide movement beyond target fields / crops, and incident review including human exposures to pesticides.  This experience involves a wide range of issues including  accidental release of chlorine, a barge accident, Superfund cases involving lead waste, lead smelter operations,  pesticide applications, and the reconstruction of emissions and air quality impacts from operations of different industrial operations that closed 30-60 years prior to litigation.

Our staff has provided expert services fairly evenly distributed between plaintiff and defendant clients.  The following provides some general examples of the type of cases that the experts at Sullivan Environmental have been retained:

Air Quality Expert Witness Services – Examples – Sullivan Environmental Consulting, Inc.

  • Air deposition analyses for lead mining waste for superfund sites
  • Regional analysis of wind-blown pesticides from Federal lands onto private farmlands
  • Analysis of pesticide residues via the air pathway on farming operations in California and Virginia
  • Accident analysis of airborne exposures from chlorine release at an industrial facility
  • Air quality analyses (airborne and surface deposition) for a lead smelter
  • Reconstruction of World War II production facility toxic air quality impacts
  • Air quality analysis of an asphalt plant
  • Analysis of tornado damage case
  • Evaluation of cryogenic-induced fog that resulted in a major accident along a highway
  • Evaluation of airborne volatile organic compound exposures within the vicinity of a major industrial operation
  • Evaluation of odor impacts from industrial operation
  • Slip and fall cases, visibility impairment analysis, tree fall  injuries and fatalities associated with weather-related incidents
  • Lightning assessments

Certified Consulting Meteorologist

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