Flux Studies for Waste Management

Sullivan Environmental provides airborne flux study services for a variety of sources types, including: Waste water lagoons, Landfills, Landfarms,  Oil production fields, Gas production fields, Waste water treatment plants, and Feed lots.

Agricultural Flux Study

Methods used to Quantify Flux

Comparable methods can also be applied to complex chemical manufacturing operations to confirm composite emissions.  Our research team has conducted over 50 empirical flux studies and have well established methods that will cost-effectively characterize emission rates for any of the above source categories.  We employ two primary methods that are very effective:  The integrated horizontal flux method, and the back calculation method.  It is cost-effective and direct.  The alternative is monitoring around the source and using normalized dispersion modeling to back-calculate the flux rate based on regression analysis.  Using either method, emission rates are computed as a function of time to show variability associated with diurnal trends and seasonal factors when needed.  Our research team provides turn-key services from protocol development through the field portion and laboratory analysis.  As needed, the research will be done with documentation consistent with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) documentation requirements.


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