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Noise Monitoring - Sullivan Environmental Consulting, Inc.
Sullivan Environmental Consulting, Inc. maintains data logging noise monitoring equipment for the monitoring needs of our clients. In order to meet OSHA standards (1910.95), certain noise levels must be maintained at the work place and county noise ordinances also specify allowable noise levels for most jurisdictions. Our staff can run dBA or dBC analysis for the workplace or area of concern in an indoor or outdoor environment. Our data logging noise monitoring equipment is certified and calibrated for type 1 and type 2 noise monitoring applications. Sullivan Environmental has monitored noise conditions for various applications ranging from data storage facilities to residential neighborhoods.

Example project

This project involved the collection of source and ambient noise measurements during a 24-hour period that included worst-case conditions for noise propagation, i.e. light wind nocturnal inversion conditions and full use of chillers on a day that approached 100 ⁰F during the afternoon.  The ambient sound readings were compared to the 55 dB(A) Ldn noise ordinance including the nighttime penalty of 5 dB(A) during the hours of 7:00 P.M. through 7:00 A.M at the property boundary. Follow-up noise monitoring also was performed to evaluate baseline noise levels from the adjacent roadway, including collecting data at comparable distances from the adjacent roadway but at locations removed from the noise source in question.  Based on the noise data collected at the source areas, the SoundPlan noise model was used to evaluate a range of mitigation measures.


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