Odor Sampling

Tedlar Bag Odor Sampling
Sullivan Environmental has the capacity to conduct preliminary odor sampling (odor monitoring) and analysis via dilution threshold sampling using a field Olfactometer.  Subsequent air samples can be taken via a vacuum chamber sampling system and stored in tedlar bags for lab analysis. These samples are then sent to an odor laboratory for odor panel analysis. Sullivan Environmental has conducted odor sampling in various environments, such as for example waste transfer facilities, fumigation applications, and at a gas station. Sullivan Environmental Certified Consulting Meteorologists can supplement air sample results with dispersion modeling analysis as needed.

Practical Purposes of Quantifying Ambient Odor:

  • Monitoring daily operations
  • Comparison of operating practices
  • Documenting specific events or episodes
  • Monitoring compliance
  • Determination of compliance (i.e. permit renewal)
  • Determination of status (i.e. baseline data for expansion planning)
  • Investigation of odor control effectiveness (i.e. scientific testing)
  • Verification of odor dispersion modeling
  • Determination of specific odor sources (i.e. investigation of complaints)
  • Verification of odor complaints


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