Examples of peer reviewed Journal Article Publications

Ajwa, H., Sullivan, D.A., Holdsworth, M.T., Sullivan, R.D., and Nelson, S., Reduction of Methyl Isothiocyanate Atmospheric Emissions after Application of Metam Sodium by Shank Injection, Journal of Environmental Quality,  JEQ201305.0182, 2013.

Sullivan, D.A., and D.E. Guinnup, “Enhanced TOXST”, Reviews in Toxicology, 1 (1997), In Vivo Toxicology and Risk Assessment, IOS Press, 1997.

Sullivan, D.A. and H. Ajwa, “Review of Airborne Emissions from Agricultural Fumigants:  Design and Uncertainty Considerations for the Use of the Integrated Horizontal Flux Method.” Journal of Environmental Quality, September 27, 2010.

Sullivan, D.A., and H. Ajwa, “Evaluation of Empirical Wind Erosion Emission Factors for Air Quality Modeling,” Soil Science Society of America Journal, Volume 75, Number 4, July-August 2011.  (PDF)

Sullivan, D.A., M.T. Holdsworth, and D. J. Hlinka, “Control of Off-Gassing Rates of Methyl Isothiocyanate from the Application of Metam-Sodium by Chemigation and Shank Injection,”   Atmospheric Environment, (38), 2457 – 2470, 2004.

Sullivan, D. A., M.T. Holdsworth, and D. J. Hlinka, “Monte Carlo-Based Dispersion Modeling of Off-Gassing Releases from the Fumigant Metam-Sodium for Determining Distances to Exposure Endpoints,” Atmospheric Environment, (38), 2471-2481. 2004.


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