Risk Management Planning

Risk Management Planning

Sullivan Environmental Consulting conducts Risk Management Planning for industries that may be at risk for emissions of potentially dangerous air based emissions in the event of a disaster or natural event.  The firm can provide a comprehensive assessment of the worst case and typical emissions based on typical wind flows or worst case wind flows using advanced dispersion modeling techniques.

The net result of air quality related risk management planning should be a gain for industry.  The results should also benefit the public in terms of demonstrating the safeguards and mitigation steps built into the storage and use of hazardous chemicals. Air quality risk management analysis requires skills in terms of process safety management as well as expertise in air quality analysis to conduct the off-site consequence analysis. Sullivan Environmental works in affiliation with Diversified Engineering International (DEI) to provide turn-key services to industry in the area of risk management.

Consulting support can be helpful in providing turn-key delivery of a risk management plan. When site-specific modeling is needed, it is important that it is conducted with sufficient understanding to avoid adverse consequences such as underestimating risk and producing an excessively conservative analysis.


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