Worker Exposure Monitoring

    Worker Exposure Monitoring Sullivan Environmental Consulting

    Sullivan Environmental performs Worker Exposure Monitoring according to EPA Guideline 875.2500 and OSHA guidelines.  Sullivan Environmental has conducted personal worker exposure studies at pesticide applications and at construction and industrial facilities.  Sullivan Environmental offers the option of performing worker exposure air sampling according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations. This is done by following the Standard Operating Procedures developed by Sullivan Environmental.  The firm works with partner laboratories to provide a comprehensive package to our clients. The firm has the capacity to monitor up a large amount of workers at once.   A worker exposure monitoring tasks can incorporate fixed site monitoring into the monitoring assessment.  The firm can meet the needs of any worker exposure air sampling task in any workplace environment in the United States.

    Through detailed records of worker placement at various locations within the work environment, we can obtain composite personal sampling results and document where the highest exposures occur within the normal work day.  Through weighted average interpretation of the fixed site data, we have found good correspondence with the integrated personal monitoring results.  Worker exposure monitoring can be done at any facility or research site.  We recommend GLP compliant worker exposure air sampling studies, inclusive with a Quality Assurance (QA) officer onsite during the research.  When conducting this form of research, we typically change air sampling tubes ever four hours and check air sampling pumps continuously in order to ensure that valid data is being obtained.  Detailed logs of sample minutes, flow rates, and worker activities are logged by our staff. NIST certified flow meters are used to ensure the accuracy of the rotameters that are used to determine sampling tube flow rates.  Sullivan Environmental generally uses SKC brand air sampling pumps and equipment for worker exposure monitoring projects.


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