Meteorological Research


Sullivan Environmental deploys meteorological equipment for micro scale meteorological research studies.   Equipment is typically used for the evaluation of the dispersion of agricultural fumigants for dispersion modeling purposes.  This equipment has been used for other types of research and can be deployed to support whatever research initiatives require high resolution meteorological data.  Sullivan Environmental has approximately 17 sonic anemometer meteorological sensors and three dimensional sonic anemometers as well.  All sensors can run continuously using various sizes of solar and battery power options.  Sullivan Environmental typically deploys Campbell Scientific brand meteorological equipment including CSAT3 sonic anemometer systems and Windsonic4L sonic anemometer systems.  Various measurement speeds and data logger and data logging programs can be used based on the type of research.

 Meteorological Research Services

  • Latent and sensible heat flux assessment
  • Micro scale meteorological research
  • Wind turbine feasibility
  • Agricultural fumigation flux research
  • Wind data to support dispersion modeling
  • Site specific wind flux data acquisition
  • Co-variance analysis
  • Highly experienced installing Campbell Scientific meteorological equipment
  • Establishment of remote meteorological stations
  • Other surface based flux assessments
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